Money Saving Monday: Watch Dogs for PC

After searching for cheap prices for the Watch Dogs Dedsec Edition I relized how cheap PC games sell eventhough they are major titles therefore in this post I will showcase all the UK bargains for special and basic editions of Watch Dogs.


PC-ROM Only:

This version is the lowest price and costs only £29.86 with free delivery. A bargain for sure!


Watch Dogs Dedsec Edition:

This special edition comes with the game’s soundtrack, aiden pierce figurine and much more for only £65.99 a difference of £20 compared to the xbox 360 version.


Three other editions are available but alll exclusives.

Vigilante Edition:
Special Edition:
Uplay Edition:


Sims 4: Latest news!

20130507-091402 PM.jpg

Yesterday EA annouced that sims 4 will be developed by maxis and released next year for PC and MAC.Luckily, it has been confirmed the game will be offline unlike the latest simcity.

EA quoted:

The Sims 4 celebrates the heart and soul of the Sims themselves, giving players a deeper connection with the most expressive, surprising and charming Sims ever in this single-player offline experience. The Sims 4 encourages players to personalize their world with new and intuitive tools while offering them the ability to effortlessly share their creativity with friends and fans.

No new information has been released yet.
Pre-Orders are not available yet.



Papers, Please a game currently in BETA for the PC by Lucas Pope. In this game you play as a low income man earning money for your family at the Arstotzkan Grestin border. You will face dramatic events like terrorist attacks or bribes from desperate foreigners to enter Arstotzkan. As you progress through the game more requirements for seeking citizens and travellers are implemented such as an entry ticket or job pass. Citations will be received if ID is not checked correctly and your family will go hungry, cold and become sick.

Overall, the game is very good because of the timer it makes you hurry and immerse yourself into the game making sure you do not let any denied foreigners through the border of Arstotzkan. However, before the game is fully released features such as more days, extra scenarios and possibly different borders could be added.

The game is available here for Windows and Mac.
Also greenlight the game on steam here.

Watch Dogs: Release date, New Trailer and Special Editions released.


Today has been the most overload of Watch Dogs content we have seen ever before. Ubisoft released a date for release(november 19,2013),a new trailer and 4 different special editions. The new trailer was hinted at before by ubisoft but not a release date or announcements for special editions which came as a suprise to fans.

Watch Dogs a game many have described similar to GTA is set in chicago and you play as Aiden Pierce a former thug but now mordern day hacker seeking revenge following a violent family tragedy. He use the worlds most advanced computer system called the CtOS to his advantage.

Pre-Order here:

GTA V: Who could it be?

Just a quick post. Earlier I was looking at game pages on IMDB I fount GTA V’s page and fount a unknown character in the game that has not been announced yet. 



It states that Shari Albert will play various characters. This is not confirmed so could be fake. Could this be Amanda the wife of Michael? Maybe it michaels daughter or even a pedestrain. We will have to wait and see. More GTA V news tomorrow.

Final Fantasy Part 12 Season 11 Episode 345 Online


Am I the only one who questions why there are so many final fantasy game? Is it because of its long running time span which began in 1987. Maybe its because I dont play it. However behind all the prolonged sequels theres a revolutionary RPG.

Call of Duty a game we love to hate. Theres been 10 major titles in the series but many people argue the franchise should of ended years ago. Many of the previous call of duty have been utter shambles. Over Powered weapons, rip off DLC and maps full of glitches. Today you can still jump out of a certain map on mw3. Hopefully the next game (rumoured call of duty: ghosts) will be an improvement.

So is a sequel a good game or bad?

Saints Row IV: My thoughts feelings and predictions on the next saints row game

When I first fount out there would be a fourth entry to the saints row franchise I was ecstatic. However from watching the trailer I thought “Is this a DLC ?”. Yes there are differences like new weapons for instance the dubstep gun but for true fans of the franchise is the more wacky and wild changes the approach they want for the saints row series. After tough times with bankruptcy THQ had to sell its shares of Volition leaving the developers of saints row 4 worried if they would ever release the game nobody knew existed. The game returns to the streets of steelports with aliens roaming free and the president of ‘merica reaching out to the saints for a helping hand to annihilate the aliens with their almighty powers.


You can pre-order the game now for current gen consoles and pc. However a next-gen port is a possibility.