#XboxReveal – Rumour Roundup

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The new generation xbox will be revealed on may 21st 10am PDT. Many features, pricing and games for this xbox have been rumoured but none confirmed. In this post I will ‘Rumour Roundup’ all of these.

    Possible names:

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Xbox 720 has been the name mostly used since the rumours started appearing but since the offical announcement a lot more have surfaced. Names such as Xbox Infinite, Fusion or Durango have all been speculated.

    Xbox Infinite:

This name would be perfect for a marketing campaign using slogans with the name infinite “Infinte Fun, Infinite Entertainment” and so on.


This name is unlikely to be used as this has been the dev name.

    Xbox Fusion:

This name has been speculated after microsoft purchased the domains XboxFusion.com,XboxFusion.info,XboxFusion.biz,XboxFusion.de,XboxFusion.co.uk. Companies register domains for multiple reason and these purchases wont mean fusion will be the name for the next xbox but could be the name for the rumoured illumiroom.


Just the word xbox is a possibilty. Xbox have been using the hastag #XboxReveal but why just XBOX and not #NextXboxReveal.

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Cloud Saving is rumoured however mass saving on the cloud is unlikely. Instead of friends it is rumoured a feature like twitters ‘follow’ feature will be used and there will be no limit on the amout of friends you have. Another new feature will be Game Developers will be able to add achievements to games without releasing DLC there may also be cross game achievements i.e. “Play Call of Duty and Battlefield”. Its is rumoured the new xbox will come with a minimum 500gb an extra 496 compared to the current console. It is speculated that CD’s will not be used for the next xbox instead they will only be used to install games and then run from the hard drive similar to PC. After MSN being replaced with skype there are possibilites for the xbox party chat to be replaced with skype.

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    There have been many rumoured and confirmed next gen games however none confirmed for the next xbox but we can still speculate. One game that will be on the next xbox is watchdogs, you can read my post on this game to find out more.

    Destiny is the next game from bungie speculated to be similar to halo. It was showcased at the PS4 event and will be released on xbox 360 therefore most likely to be released on the next xbox.

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    Ofcourse everybody wants to know a price aswell. A definite price is uncertain but $500 is speculated and so is $300 on a subscription.

    It is likely it will be released in November but we shall find out on May 21st.

    Just a quick question, would you like Rumour Roundup to be a regular segment for this blog?


    Final Fantasy Part 12 Season 11 Episode 345 Online


    Am I the only one who questions why there are so many final fantasy game? Is it because of its long running time span which began in 1987. Maybe its because I dont play it. However behind all the prolonged sequels theres a revolutionary RPG.

    Call of Duty a game we love to hate. Theres been 10 major titles in the series but many people argue the franchise should of ended years ago. Many of the previous call of duty have been utter shambles. Over Powered weapons, rip off DLC and maps full of glitches. Today you can still jump out of a certain map on mw3. Hopefully the next game (rumoured call of duty: ghosts) will be an improvement.

    So is a sequel a good game or bad?

    Saints Row IV: My thoughts feelings and predictions on the next saints row game

    When I first fount out there would be a fourth entry to the saints row franchise I was ecstatic. However from watching the trailer I thought “Is this a DLC ?”. Yes there are differences like new weapons for instance the dubstep gun but for true fans of the franchise is the more wacky and wild changes the approach they want for the saints row series. After tough times with bankruptcy THQ had to sell its shares of Volition leaving the developers of saints row 4 worried if they would ever release the game nobody knew existed. The game returns to the streets of steelports with aliens roaming free and the president of ‘merica reaching out to the saints for a helping hand to annihilate the aliens with their almighty powers.


    You can pre-order the game now for current gen consoles and pc. However a next-gen port is a possibility.

    PRE-ORDER: http://www.amazon.com/Saints-Row-4-Xbox-360/dp/B00BRQN2EM